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We are a U.S. Figure Skating Sanctioned Academy, and are ranked through the Professional Skaters Association. We have over 20 years of experience providing high level instruction of ice skating lessons to people of all ages and abilities. We offer many opportunities to skaters of all disciplines looking for group or private instruction. Our lessons are offered on Aquidneck Island, in Southern Rhode Island and throughout Rhode Island. Please contact us to inquire.  

Beginner Skating School:

  • Children ages 3.5 and above are welcomed to participate in learn to skate. Our goal is for students to skate independently within the first few lessons. We try to avoid using crates or cones as they reinforce improper technique. Once skaters are skating independently they can progress quickly and confidently. This beginner class offers the fundamentals of skating so students are prepared to succeed in any area of skating they choose such as hockey, figure skating, speed skating or recreational.

Adult Skate:

  • We offer Beginner-Advanced adult group and private lessons. Those with a particular goal, or who want one-on-one attention are encouraged to schedule private lessons. We work with adults interested in figure skating, hockey, or those who just want to learn to skate confidently and safely.

Figure Skating Class:

  • Figure skaters on basic 4 and above may participate in this class. Students learn proper skating technique in order to learn the figure skating tricks. 

Off-ice Conditioning Class:

  • Figure skaters are encouraged to participate in off-ice training to improve strength, balance and stamina and prevent injury. This class will included yoga for balance and flexibility, pilates for core strengthening, plyometrics for jumping and power, cardio for stamina, as well as additional exercises for specific figure skating elements.

Additional Classes: 

-Private lessons
-Home School 
-Performance prep
-Hockey drills, power and technique
-Families and Parties
-Kids and teens
-Advanced figure skating 

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